The T2O cluster

Syntes Engineering is a Danish engineering company specializing in high-tech waste management solutions. Syntes’ mission is to provide sustainable profitable solutions benefitting both the customer and the environment. Syntes Engineering can deliver a turnkey plant for conversion of used tires and rubber waste into fuel oil. Steel and carbon is reclaimed from the tires as part of the processing. This is a sustainable zero-waste low-carbon emission technology. In order to provide a turnkey package to clients Syntes has established the T2O cluster

We work closely with our technology partners in the T2O cluster. The key cluster partners are displayed on the Home page. Key persons are presented to the right. Each partner represents state-of-the-art competences within their fields, such as engineering, automation, construction etc. As a cluster we can develop the right solution to any T2O project, small or large-scale. You can read more on the steps towards running your own T2O plant here:

NovoValor Systems

Our partner NovoValor Systems is based in Spain. It is an energy service company with the mission to achieve energy saving for clients based on the improvement of their energy efficiency and the reduction of the environmental impact associated with energy consumption. They have over 30 years of experience in the energy sector at both national and international levels. Together with our partners and NVS T2O pyrolysis plant our customers will be in safe and professional hands throughout the world. Professionalism and excellent service are our missions and goals

In 2014 a new T2O plant was inaugurated in Alcazar, Spain by NovoValor Systems. T he plant in Denmark will draw on experiences from the construction of the T2O plant in Alcazar. The plant in Alcazar has also been a reference plant which we will use to innovate new ways of improving the technology and system.


H. Berndt Jespersen

T2O Egebjerg fabrikschef

Rеkkа Mаrjоmаа


Тuоmо Накоmäкi.

Mechanical engineer

Аlехеi Griсhinе

IT & Automation

Tаnja Кomlyevа

Økonomi / Bogholderi

Sergej Sotskov