Alcazar de San Juan, Spain

The plant has been in operation since August 2014 and has been running with success since then. The plant has been opened with only one line with an installed capacity of 15 tons of tire chips per day. The production line now runs in 3 shifts and also weekends. The plant has not a full shredding unit attached so tires are received in 20x20 or 30x30 cm chips. A shredding plant can be added later when the full capacity has been installed. A second reactor was added during 2016 bringing the capacity up to 30 tons per day

The reactor has been running in production cycles of 2 months continuous production followed by a scheduled stop for maintenance for 1-2 days plus up to 24 hours to restart the process by heating. Production capacity is calculated to 15 tons per day, but has been limited to 12-13 tons per day in order to reach a high-quality carbon black. The quality of carbon black is essential to attract the highest selling prices and hence it is a balance between optimizing both quantity and quality at the same time. During 2016 the plant reached the balance where it can process 15 tons per day and get the highest possible quality of the carbon.

The plant is heated solely by using incondensable gasses. Out of the total volume of 3-5% of these gasses the plant consumes 2-3% and the rest is so far not being used for commercial purposes and is mainly used to heat the premises. Commercial use is an option for future.

On average the production output has been distributed on 40% fuel, 35% Carbon black and 20% steel (there is more steel in truck tires). This has been as expected and estimated. Third party service providers (private and public laboratories) have confirmed the values of the fuel and carbon black.