New projects

We continuously receive requests from developers around the world who wish to invest in a waste-to-value technology that is more economical and that does not result in hazardous emissions and waste residuals. Scrapped tires and other rubber waste is a problematic fraction, which releases a lot of contamination if incinerated. It is extremely expensive to clean emissions from burning of rubber.

The T2O technology obviously offers a clean and inexpensive alternative to handle this waste fraction. Pyrolysis is a well-known and tested technology. The T2O application is still developing and we develop with our partners and clients. The T2O installation in Spain from August 2014 is different from our new installation in Denmark, which will be in operation from September 2018. So, we build on experience and new innovation from our engineers.

If you want to invest in the T2O technology, we will invite you to contact us for an initial exchange of ideas and facts. Currently, we are developing projects in Nicaragua, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, Indonesia and other places.