Pyrolysis oil - liquid hydrocarbon fuel

Our T2O plants generate oil of several qualities, depending on what is agreed when designing the pyrolysis plant. We can produce oil suitable as diesel for generators for energy production. As such, it can be sold as diesel for trucks and gasoline for cars. The type of oil is 2710 and by filtering, the international code is 1948.

Carbon black (T2O powder)

After the pyrolysis process, carbon black can be refined, achieving a high market value as a product used in a multitude of application areas. T2O powder can be mixed with already existing carbon black and thereby adapted to different applications. There are two types of T2O powder that we wish to achieve: N660 & N550.

Quality steel for the Industry

Around 15% of the used tire is quality steel. The steel fraction is separated from the tires through an advanced shredding process and the rest is extracted from the carbon black powder.
The steel can be sold at market price and is suitable for many purposes, including the manufacturing of new tires.

Syngas – an energy efficient solution

The none-condensable gas produced in the pyrolysis process continues to feed and sustain the process.

This reduces the required energy necessary to run the plant, making it a highly energy efficient solution to the disposal of used tires and rubber waste.