Providing unique technology in pyrolysis

Projects for the processing of used tires based on pyrolysis are being developed around the world. Most projects, however, are not complying with modern standards for safety and a healthy working environment. Many such projects are not effective and hence not profitable businesses. We have developed the T2O technology, so that it complies with very high standards both regarding a safe and healthy environment and when it comes to creating a profitable business. Existing plants have been CE marked according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The products have been tested and analyzed by accredited laboratories.

We have developed a closed continuous system with automatic feeding of tire chips. The system has been designed to run interrupted 24/7 year-round only with scheduled maintenance breaks. The pyrolysis process itself is also innovative and secures a high-quality output, which again provides better economy to the project. Our processes have been optimized in every detail and we keep producing innovative solutions that can improve quality, effectiveness and profitability. But we do not rest on our achievements but keep looking for new and better solutions. Read about our recent plants below.

Alcazar, Spain

The Tire-to-oil (T2O) facility managed by RGS2 in Alcazar de San Juan, Spain, was inaugurated in August 2014 with one production line. T2O Egebjerg is an external partner and associated with business development of RGS2 which is managed by the company Novagas.

more about Alcazar here
T2O Egebjerg, Denmark

The Danish T2O cluster led by T2O Egebjerg is currently building a new T2O plant in the small city of Egebjerg in the county of Odsherred.
When finished, the plant will have an installed capacity of 45 tons per day and 3 lines of production.

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New T2O projects

The pyrolysis technology in general and the T2O technology in particular develop rapidly these years.

We are contributing to new projects around the world and are always looking for new opportunities.

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T2O turn-key offer step-by-step

Contact us

The customer takes contact to sales at web-form, phone or e-mail.

We analyze

We analyze the waste tires, location, stakeholders and possibilities to co-operate. In this phase we will ask for documents describing: Amounts of waste and photos of tires and other waste fractions. Information on where it can be build and infrastructure in the building or land (green field).

Registration papers

We will ask for registration papers of the buyer and other legal documents.

The parties sign NDA

The parties sign a NDA and other documents of confidentiality.

We forward a “turn-key” offer

We forward an offer for construction of the factory on a “turn-key” basis

Customer Confirmation

Customer confirms, that interest to continue and signs the offer.

Short Feasibility study

There will be made a short feasibility study of the project for the engineering and support.

Order Confirmation

Order confirmation will be made and the T2O turn-key plant can be delivered within 12 months after final project confirmation.

Factory will be shown to the client

The factory outlay and specifications the T2O plant will be shown to the client.

Final sign

Finally, project will be signed.

Financial confirmation

T2O Egebjerg will confirm financing documents or other payment documents in the bank.

Equipment delivery

The equipment will be delivered to the site.

Installation and supervision

Our engineers and support team will supervise and manage the assembling of the factory.

COD will be made

COD (commencement of operation date) will be fixed and hereafter one of our managers will be posted at the factory.


Education of personal.


Management will be done jointly.

Technical support

Warranty service and 24/7 technical support.

Pipeline 2016-2017

Galicia, Spain

Our partner in Galicia, Spain, Novоvаlor Systems have been making important steps forward regarding new technology developments. They will be applying for a patent on these developments. Furthermore, we have received an approval on deliveries of new plants to our partner in Galicia. We have been working intensely with the projects in Spain during 2016 and 2017.

Balikpapan. Indonesia

With support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are developing a T2O plant in Indonesia with a local partner. The implementation phase for this project continues as a complete WTE/T2O turn-key project. The plant is scheduled to be in operation by late 2017.


Together with a Nicaraguan/Spanish consortium, we are developing WTE and T2O projects for municipal waste operators around the country. In total 13 concessions, of which one is for used tires, will be serviced during the coming years.

Odsherred, Denmark

In co-operation with municipal authorities, we are developing a new T2O projects in this part of Denmark. The T2O plant will be processing more than 45 tons of used tires per day. First test production is scheduled for June 2018 and the plant will be at full capacity in the second half of 2018.

Jalisco, Mexico

During a visit to the government of Jalisco in Mexico, we discussed the establishment of a T2O plant in detail. The government has allocated 8 hectares of land for developing the plant. The plant is scheduled to 2017.

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