T2O Egebjerg, Denmark

In Denmark approximately 45,000 tons of used tires are being scrapped annually. Most of these tires are processed into granulate and used for various purposes. In Denmark incineration of tires are not allowed. The T2O plant in Egebjerg will offer an alternative which is cheaper, more environmental and that recycles the tires into reusable raw materials.

The plant is established in a 15,000 sqm. facility in an industrial zone outside the town of Egebjerg (municipality of Odsherred). The project is developed in close co-operation with municipal authorities and experts. The region of Odsherred (one-hour drive from Copenhagen), where the plant will be located, has developed a green profile and wishes to attract new jobs. The T2O plant has a green profile and will offer jobs to 30-40 persons when in full operation, both skilled and unskilled jobs.

As part of the green profile the T2O plant is developing a project with the town of Egebjerg and technical experts from the University of Roskilde (RUC) to establish a small local district heating system based on excess energy from the plant. The T2O plant has approximately 1.1 MW that can be used for this purpose.

The design of the T2O plant in Egebjerg is innovative compared to existing plants. Both the reactors and the heating system have been re-designed in order to achieve a more homogeneous and efficient process and a higher quality of the carbon black. The system will be fitted with a comprehensive automation and monitoring system that will allow to store large quantities of data from the process. Each reactor line is fitted with more than 70 sensors and measuring points and the system can be controlled and managed from the central control panels. The plant is designed as a closed and continuous system that can run uninterrupted only stopped by scheduled maintenance (every 2-3 months).

The first production line will be in operation during the 3rd quarter of 2018. Two more lines will be added during the last quarter of 2018.

Adjacent to the T2O plant, a recycling Center will be established where delivered waste can be sorted for further treatment.

A solar panel park based on photo voltaic technology will be established on an area next to the plant buildings. The purpose is to make the T2O plant totally energy neutral.

The pyrolysis technology gains interest from many sides these years because it offers a zero-pollution alternative to e.g. incineration. In order to push this positive development further, more graduates are needed to do research into better applications and processes within pyrolysis. The Centre for Pyrolysis Technology and Applications will be established as part of the premises and offer training and courses in pyrolysis. The T2O plant will provide a training ground for the scholars.